What is a Bath Bomb?

Simply put, a bath bomb is a hand-packed mixture of baking soda, citric acid (these two give you the fizz part), essential oils and butters. When dropped into the warm bath water it explodes into a fizzing frenzy of colors and scents.

In Home Spa Experience

California Bath Dreaming bath bombs create a spa experience right in your own home. 

Our bath bombs are scented with the finest quality essential oils to help ease stress, relieve pain and boost your mood. Try each one to find the scent that is best suited for you.
One of the best parts about using a bath bomb is how it moisturizes your skin and keeps it healthy and younger looking. Our mission at California Bath Dreaming is to always use the best ethically sourced oils and butters that we can find from around the world. We never use cornstarch in our product.

Surprise Color in each Bath Bomb

Hidden inside each of our bath bombs is a surprise color. Wait about a minute to discover which surprise color you’ve received! What color will you get?